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Hole-ympic Outhouse Races Corporate Challenge

Monday, February 21, 2022

Dave B Winning Photo.jpg

Entry Deadline: Friday Feb 18, 2022
Registration Are Open

Team Members: Limit of 5
Entry Fee: $100

Event Contact:
Murray MacDonald (306) 539-8847

While the #1 goal is to have FUN, the first rule of consideration is safety for the racers and for the public. Use good common sense based on safety in all construction of your outhouse, your dress, and your personal conduct during the races.

Building Code Rules:

  1. Outhouses may be built of any solid material except glass, and must be structurally sound enough to not fall apart during the races. There are no minimum or maximum weight restrictions, but light construction material is recommended for ease of transport and maximum speed on the ice.

  2. Your outhouses must have three (3) walls and one (1) door, for a total of 4 sides. It must have a roof, a hinged door and a seat with at least one (1) hole (any representation of a typical “outhouse hole”), and a roll of toilet paper.

  3. Outhouses must have a door but that door must be secured OPEN or removed during the race so the rider inside is visible. Not more than one half (1/2) of any wall may be a window. Please note that glass is NOT allowed for any part of the construction.

  4. Outhouses must be a minimum of nine (9) square feet (3’ x 3’) at the base, a minimum height of five and a half (5.5) feet or 65 inches from the floor to the highest point of the outhouse.

  5. The maximum overall WIDTH of the outhouse should not exceed eight (8) feet; this includes pushing and pulling bars and other devices.

  6. Any device for grasping/pushing or pulling may be used EXCEPT ropes or like materials/devices. All grasping devices must be secured solid to the outhouse. The entire device must not exceed the eight (8) feet maximum width requirement.

  7. Outhouses must be human push and/or pull powered only. No motors or other mechanical propelling devices are allowed. Outhouses should be mounted on skids, sleds, skis or other devices for ease of sliding on snow and ice.

  8. Outhouses must have a name on them clearly displayed. Corporate branding and decorating is encouraged. Each outhouse must have a half-moon shaped symbol displayed somewhere. All names or themes must be in good taste. No explicit language or pornographic displays are allowed on or in the outhouse.

  9. Appropriate costumes for the team are also encouraged but not mandatory.

Team Rules:


  1. A team shall consist of five (5) people. Four (4) team members to push and/or pull while one (1) team member must ride inside, seated. All team members must be at least 16 years of age except for the person riding inside. The rider may be as young as 12 years of age. Teams must provide proof of age on race day.

  2. The rider (“sitter”) is not allowed to participate in the propelling process in any manner and must be seated over the hole during the entire race.

  3. Helmets are recommended for all team members, however please note the rider MUST wear an approved DOT helmet. Other safety gear may also be worn as desired. Footwear with cleats or other means of improving traction are permissible and allowed to be worn.

  4. To register, "The Team"  must complete the  Wascana Winter Festival Registration Form and read the Release Information prior to the registration deadline. 

    Entry fee of $100 must be received by the deadline date of Friday, February 18, 2022, or the team will 
    not be allowed to race. Registration fees are non-refundable. PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO “BRAVO REGINA WINTERFEST INC.”

  5. All team members, as listed at registration, must remain the same throughout the competition, unless a change is requested by a team member and authorized by an official prior to the race.

Outhouse Final Race, Waskimo 2017.jpg

Race Rules:

  1. Races will begin at 3:00 pm sharp on Wascana Lake, Monday, February 21, 2022 weather permitting. The full event will run approximately one (1) hour.

  2. Team captains must provide organizers with cell phone numbers and other contact information for communication purposes.

  3. All participants and their outhouses must check-in prior to race time at a location to be designated by the organizers. Please arrive early!

  4. Any outhouse deemed unsafe, unsound or not meeting the Building Code Rules above, will not be allowed to race. Safety is paramount.

  5. A maximum of 20 outhouses will be allowed to participate

  6. The race will be run on a flat snow/ice surface approximately 100 metres in length and divided into several lanes. All racers must stay in the designated lane assigned at the start of the race. Veering out of your team’s assigned lane or physically interfering with other competitors in any way will result in disqualification.

  7. This year there will be an “A-side” and a “B-side” winner. Initial heats will be run to determine finalists in each side. In this way each team will be guaranteed two races. Winner of the A-side receives the Golden Plunger Award. Winner of the B-side receives the Silver Plunger Award.

  8. In all races, it will be the first outhouse with ALL team members to completely cross the finish line that is declared the winner.

  9. WinterFest volunteers will move all outhouses from the lake to the parking lot following the event. Teams will be responsible for removing their outhouses from the parking lot at the close of day.



Race Contact:

Murray MacDonald (306) 539-8847

Sponsored by:

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